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180 ECT


180 ECT

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180 ECT


180 ECT


180 ECT

Doctorate of Philosophy


The Doctorate of Philosophy, commonly known as a Ph.D., is a milestone of academic achievements, it stands out as the highest level of expertise and scholarship in a chosen field. The doctorate in Philosophy  is recognised for the intellectual depth it has. Pursuing a Ph.D. requires a great deal of dedication, passion, and commitment to knowledge and discovery.

The programme focuses on the study of original research and advancements in human understanding. The path typically requires several years of research and study carried out by individuals themselves with the guidance and support of a faculty advisor and committee. 

Our Ph.D. programme is carefully designed to challenge, inspire, and propel you towards becoming a true thought leader in society who inspires others to push forward to achieve meaningful goals in their lives. As a Ph.D. candidate at our institute, you will be a part of an engaged and collaborative team of scholars and researchers who will assist you in honing your research skills and broadening your knowledge. Join us as we empower you to raise your expertise and challenge the norm by pushing the boundaries of knowledge that also influence others in the community to propel

Should have completed Higher Secondary Education from a recognized Board.

1) Copy of the High School & HIgher Secondary Certificates.
2) Duly filled Application Form.
3) Copy of the Passport(Front and Back).
4) Photograph with white background.
5) National ID Card.
6) Updated CV/Resume.
7) Bachelor Degree.


Available Specializations


Information Communication Technology

Health Sciences

Computer Sciences

Business Administration


Public Health

Computer Science and Engineering

International Relations


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