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Unlike other doctorates that require rigorous study and research, honorary doctorates are typically awarded to recognise leadership, outstanding accomplishments, and other recognisable achievements. The recipients of honorary doctorates are mostly renowned figures like artists, leaders, philanthropists, scientists, and changemakers.

So are you ready to be recognised for your exceptional achievements and become a part of an elite circle of changemakers and influential personalities? An honorary doctorate from our university, which is a testament to your passion and dedication to bring about change in this world and influence the masses.

The process of achieving this doctorate is thoughtful and meticuluous one. It involves a thorough evaluation by academic committees and university boards to determine whether the individual’s achievements align well with the principles and values of our institution.

Our prestigious university will be deeply honoured to bestow an honorary doctorate, which acknowledges the exceptional achievements of  prestigious individuals like you.

During the first two semesters, students will learn about the fundamental and comprehensive elements of core business and accounting concepts such as research methadology, advanced financial accounting, managerial economics, businesscand corporate legal environment, cost accounting, financial management, marketing management, quantitative techniques and other elective subjects. There will also  be numerous projects that will be assigned with the goal of developing practical skills and allowing students to learn and get ideas about real world working techniques. In the third and fourth semesters, students will go deeper into the field of commerce,which will make them learn about corporate accounting, financial reporting and analysic, business taxation, business law, auditing, advanced cost accounting, economics of global trade and finance, and other elective subjects. Along with this, they will have projects and training programmes designed to provide them with hands-on, real world training in the industry.

After successfully completing this two year M.Com. programme, students will have a solid foundation in the commerce field as well as the practical understanding and skills required in their specific specialization. Students will develop into individuals with skills and knowledge that can have a great impact and influence in the commerce and business field.

Should have completed Higher Secondary Education from a recognized Board.

1) Copy of the High School & HIgher Secondary Certificates.
2) Duly filled Application Form.
3) Copy of the Passport(Front and Back).
4) Photograph with white background.
5) National ID Card.
6) Updated CV/Resume.
7) Bachelor Degree.


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